With many years of experience in building management software projects and applications, we have identified many issues that can be addressed during the implementation and deployment process. With consulting services, we aim to provide customers with optimal experiences to minimize development, operation, and management costs of management software systems and applications.

Consulting for New System Development

Developing a new system, especially complex management systems with various intertwined functions, requires a rigorous analysis and evaluation before starting the construction process to ensure that all features and components of the system work together seamlessly and accurately. With the experience gained, we confidently offer customers consulting services for developing a new system, including the following items:

  • System construction process
  • Review and propose business solutions
  • Choose application development techniques
  • Review building development teams
  • Quality control testing process
  • Operation and system monitoring

Application Architecture Consulting

Developing a complete system must go through many processes with many different individual applications. Planning the construction strategy for each individual application as well as the interactions and relationships between applications will determine the success of the overall development process of the enterprise and help the business visualize the overall picture of its IT investment process. With application architecture consulting services, we provide customers with the following solutions:

  • Evaluate the architecture of existing systems
  • Determine and plan application system
  • Scope of use and importance of each application
  • Technical infrastructure for each application and system
  • Determine development costs for each stage

Information Architecture Consulting

Information architecture not only includes the architecture and relationships of the database but also includes the architecture of all components, data entities involved in the application operation process. Optimizing the design, storage, and communication of data is crucial in determining the performance and operation capabilities of the application. That is also our mission when providing information architecture consulting services:

  • Assess data architecture
  • Assess data links in the system
  • Assess storage/backup system
  • Consult, support system tuning

Infrastructure Architecture Consulting

Investing in building a system is already difficult and time-consuming, and operating it also takes up a considerable amount of time and costs for businesses. Understanding this issue, we will help businesses come up with plans and strategies to invest in a suitable and optimal infrastructure system with IT infrastructure consulting services. Infrastructure architecture components include: technology service portfolio, types of software and software versions used, network diagrams, security models, data center architecture, server architecture, storage system architecture, non-functional requirements, and security requirements.

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