Online Loyalty Point

Main Functions

Management Functions

  • Businesses are provided with tools to manage a customer list with the most comprehensive information. Support for exporting analysis reports on customer information, transaction history with cards, monitoring changes in card ranks, and importing customer information from existing systems.

  • Tools are provided for creating and managing membership cards, including existing customer cards and new member cards. Particularly, the system allows for the issuance of anonymous cards (pre-issued cards), providing flexibility in issuing loyalty cards to valued customers.

  • Additionally, businesses are equipped with other control tools that allow customers to manage information across the entire system in real-time. These functions help manage and activate membership cards, as well as track and report customer transactions through a comprehensive reporting system with various criteria such as card type, store, sales volume, shopping frequency, customer type, etc.

Accumulating Points from Sales System

Integration with the existing business sales system helps record transactions in detail and in real-time, as well as obtain information on card discounts during transactions on the sales system.

Online Transaction Entry Function

In addition to integration with the sales system to update customer transaction information, the system also supports an online transaction entry function to enhance flexibility and proactiveness in updating customer transaction information on the system.

Point Redemption Function - Exchange Points for Gifts

This function allows customers to use accumulated points to perform transactions or use points to exchange for gifts by recording transactions and points directly on the system.

Card Information Lookup Function for Members

Businesses are provided with a dedicated and independent card information lookup page designed and formatted according to the business's requirements. With this function, customers can log in to view card transaction information, card payment history without incurring additional fees.

Loyalty Card Usage Process

With the integrated card transaction process with the sales system, it helps:

  • Process transactions quickly.
  • Verify transaction information through two steps.
  • Ensure the buyer's rights.
  • Real-time data.