Industrial Dining Management Solution


Industrial Dining Management Solution (IDMS Online) is designed to meet the requirements of managing registration and meal control in businesses with a large number of employees. It helps minimize issues related to registration management and control of meal costs and labor costs during registration and cafeteria management.

The system is built on cloud computing, catering to various business models and different factory scales. A single system can meet the needs of all units and factories.

The system consists of three main modules:

  • Registration: for employees to register meals based on agreed-upon menus.
  • Management: for administrative staff to manage and control.
  • Kitchen: for cafeteria staff to manage and distribute registered meals.

Key Features

  • Closed-loop control.
  • Supports group and individual registration.
  • Easy to use, easy to track.
  • Supports various card types and data.
  • Fast card swiping speed (under 500ms).
  • Easy to expand and deploy.

Supports Card Types/Protocols

Various RFID cards
Mifare and Proximity cards
Fingerprint recognition
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